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To enrol in our programme please download the registration form below and email to the email address of your local classes. If  you would prefer to try a class before committing, please contact us and we can arrange for you to come along for a free taster session.
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About Our Classes

Netball Nippers classes last 45 minutes. Our qualified coaches will work with each child to teach them netball skills, build their confidence and raise their fitness levels through a range of fun activities. There are currently three classes to choose from:


2-3 years
  • At this age, players are encouraged to enjoy running, jumping and play. The aim in Tiddlers is to teach the girls to hold, roll, throw, catch and shoot the ball. The emphasis is more on fun, learning to enjoy exercise, improving basic athleticism and learning new skills.


4-5 years
  • When our Netball Nippers progress to Dolphin level, we will start to focus on running, jumping, movement, coordination and technique. The emphasis is on basic ball skills plus passing, catching and shooting as well as learning how to work together as a team.


6-8 years
  • Our Sharks have now learned the basics of netball and have progressed to honing their skills and developing game awareness and decision making skills. Classes will focus on attacking, defending, team work, cooperation and the concept of fair play.

About Our Coaching – the 6 C’s

The Netball Nippers’ promise ensures that all coaches are handpicked for their coaching skills, are DBS checked, and have been trained to Netball Nippers’ high standards.

We focus on encouraging children to play their own game, develop their own skill, build their own ability and we support them to remain motivated by coaching in the following way:

Adapted from Gregory A. Dale, Ph.D. Duke University, USA


How to Enrol

New players are welcome to join us for a taster session free of charge. If you and your child enjoy this and would like to enrol onto the course, then lessons are £8.50 each and  are booked on a termly basis. (If you start mid-term, then you only pay for the remaining lessons in that term.)


Players should wear appropriate clothing and shoes for sport. Hair should be tied back and no jewellery should be worn during classes. The high-quality Netball Nippers sports kit, as can be seen in the pictures dotted about this website and in the merchandise section, is available to be purchased separately.