10 reasons to love netball

10 reasons to love netball

adapted from Kate Hunter http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/the-only-sport-where-players-get-a-manicure/

  1. We welcome everyone
  2. Women organise netball
  3. One set of rules fits all (slightly adapted for Hi Fives)
  4. It’s about respect and confidence
  5. Netball is the only sport where players get a manicure (a nibble) before the game
  6. Labels can be a positive thing, such as GK and WA – you know where you stand!
  7. There are few serious injuries. It’s a non-contact sport
  8. We have our own National Super League
  9. Fellas are welcome
  10. Netball Nippers now means that you can start netball at the age of 2!

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