Netball Nippers is a fun and inspiring class that teaches netball skills to children aged 2-8 and enhances their physical and social development. By learning netball your child will learn the basics of leadership and team play in a fun, open and safe environment.

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The Fundamentals…

Active fun

We aim to get our players to be active for the full forty five minutes of each session. This includes a warm up, skill building and activities and then the cool down.

Ball skills

We help children to build their co-ordination and balance. To learn to throw, catch and shoot the ball and to progress their technical ball skills.

Team play

By attending Netball Nippers, players feel an early sense of belonging: they wear the kit, they come every week to practice, they make new friends and build the habit of team sport.

Personal best

We believe in the concept of “personal best” and we work hard with each child to enable them to be “the best they can be.”

Friendly and inclusive environment

We focus and encourage the players to play their own game, develop their own skills and we support them all to feel included in the fun and in the adventure that is Netball Nippers.

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